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"Little Ghosts"

New single out now! Music video in the making.


"Moving Backwards"

just goes to show how talented this seven-piece actually is. What’s even more exciting is to hear how awesome they sound in a song that was actually written by the entire group. There’s definitely a feeling that it’s just a tip of a huge iceberg since “Moving Backwards” presents a myriad of distinct details.

There’s four more songs coming in the upcoming weeks, but after all we’ve heard, we need a proper full-length album ASAP.
— Music & Rots


Frankly Benjamin's To Be Frank EP is now available.

a beautifully, energetic, and extremely enthralling piece. Caitlin Cook‘s poignant and captivating voice leads the way with her story that certainly we can all relate with. Behind her there’s an incredibly tight band [...] that carefully crafted a sound rich in details, layered, and multi-dimensional.
— Music & Riots Magazine


We are currently in the process of releasing five new singles and several music videos. Help us get them out there with our Kickstarter.

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Upcoming Shows


08/19 - 8:00 PM

Mercury Lounge - New York, New York

09/23 - 7:00 PM

Arlene's Grocery - New York, New York

10/27 - 8:00 PM

Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 - New York, New York

11/18 - 8:00 PM

The Bitter End - New York, New York

12/08 - 11:00 PM

Pianos - New York, New York


Meet the Band

Caitlin Cook

vocals / guitar

William Carrigan

bass / vocals

Wyatt Stone

vocals / guitar

Daniel Thompson


Gregory Bunis

baritone saxophone

Connor Phoenix


Kevin Urvalek

drums / vocals

Benjamin Franklin


Frankly Benjamin is a seven-piece indie rock band based out of Brooklyn.

It was at Walter Reed Middle School in Los Angeles where Caitlin Cook (vocals, guitar) and Wyatt Stone (vocals, guitar) first met. The two twelve-year-olds became fast friends while singing and performing in the school. For the next decade, both separately pursued music, gathering stories and writing songs along the way. Then in the summer of 2016, fate brought the the two back together in Brooklyn, and they began writing together alongside Gregory Bunis (baritone saxophone). Out of this foundation, Frankly Benjamin would emerge, welcoming musicians Kevin Urvalek (drums, vocals), William Carrigan (bass, vocals), Daniel Thompson (trombone), and Connor Phoenix (keys) into the fold to fill out their ever-growing sound. And shortly after, the seven-piece Brooklyn-based band began to take the stages of such classic New York City venues as Webster Hall, Arlene's Grocery, and Bowery Electric.

With its members hailing from all over America and drawing from the vast landscape of musical influences, Frankly Benjamin embraces a fresh and formidable sound that is equal parts indie rock, soul, and folk. A gritty descendant of the Decemberists, second cousin to Parliament/Funkadelic, or great-grandchild of Fleetwood Mac, Frankly Benjamin effortlessly blends raw lyricism, resounding harmonies, and infectious melodies with echoes of classic soul brought to bear by the band's prominent horn section.

The band released their debut EP To Be Frank on April 1, 2017 & are in the process of releasing several subsequent singles. Their debut single from their EP ("Old Friend") describes an encounter between two old friends and the realization that they don't have anything in common anymore. Luckily for Frankly Benjamin and its fans, Caitlin Cook and Wyatt Stone were able to pick up right where they left off and then some. Life does indeed have a habit of coming full circle.

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